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Nota de Prensa

TUE 16.04.2024 | Nota de Prensa

ELCLÁSICO: A power that eclipses the world

ELCLÁSICO is back with an unparalleled broadcast display: 36 cameras, including the return of the aerial camera to the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu for the first time following the construction work: a power that eclipses everything.

Nota de Prensa

TUE 16.04.2024

ELCLÁSICO returns in style to all corners of the globe, under its new identity which was launched this season, with "The power that eclipses everything" as a concept, in line with the LALIGA slogan, plus the launch of a special advert. Its unique visual identity, exclusive to the match, combines its technological and global character with the match's potential audience of more than 650 million people. The broadcast graphics will also be unique and adapted to ELCLÁSICO's new visual identity, in line with the concept of an eclipse, defining the power of football as one "that eclipses everything". As a result, they will have an aesthetic that combines the colours black and white with an astronomic look & feel. PUMA is also joining the campaign by launching a special limited-edition match ball featuring the inscription ELCLÁSICO, which will be on sale while stocks last, with just 1,400 balls available.

It won't just be Spain watching this last ELCLÁSICO of the 2023/24 season, as around 30 countries will hold various on-site events to experience LALIGA's most iconic match in a truly unique way. The flagship event will be in the United States, which will celebrate "ElPartidazo" in Los Angeles in partnership with ESPN at Disneyland with Hugo Sánchez, Iker Casillas and Patrick Kluivert all present. Likewise, Mexico is set to host 1,500 fans at a Watch Party alongside Javier Mascherano and partners such as Sky, Iberia, Motorola, Mahou, Chubb and PUMA. There will also be activities in Egypt, Serbia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Bolivia, Brazil, Turkey and Qatar, plus other initiatives such as a padel tournament in Hong Kong and a friendly football tournament in Ethiopia.  Additionally, a special event will be held at the new LALIGA Academy Colombia, to mark its official inauguration, which will include a technical training course and a number of other actions, as well as the screening of ELCLÁSICO at the academy in Bogota.

ELCLÁSICO also has a huge reach among the more than 219 million followers LALIGA has on social media, as the most followed football league in the world. In fact, it has become the first football league to earn the Diamond Play Button on YouTube after reaching 10 million subscribers. LALIGA will be hosting a special 8-hour live stream, which will be available on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitch and X. During the stream, a historic match will be shown, different influencers will take part in the stream, and live link-ups will be featured, including with the Watch Party in Los Angeles.

This ELCLÁSICO is special because the aerial camera will be back for fans for the first time since the stadium's construction work began. In addition, the match will be shown via the LALIGA TV channel on M+ with production by GRUP MEDIAPRO, through a spectacular broadcasting operation that will be enhanced with 36 cameras to show viewers unique shots. It will feature 2 Ultra Slow cameras that will follow the leading players from each team, 2 high speed pole cameras and 5 cinematic cameras with super slow motion replays, exclusive to LALIGA and MEDIAPRO. Carlos Martínez will commentate the match, with Axel Torres, Bernd Schuster and Joaquín providing the punditry, while Isabel Forner will be pitchside. Furthermore, the channel will run dedicated match programming throughout the week and there will be a special one-hour pre-match preview. Multi-camera feeds, artificial intelligence applied to data, the latest audiovisual production, and state-of-the-art augmented reality graphics make this match the ultimate television experience for fans across the globe.  

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